Flair Finds – The Grommet


We are so incredibly excited to announce our showcase over on The Grommet today. A few months ago The Grommet reached out to us wanting to showcase our products, and at first we said no. We get so many requests to be featured on daily deal type of sites, and we don’t really feel like they fit our brand and aesthetic ( but if you think otherwise, let us know! ). But after a little bit of research, I realized that The Grommet isn’t a daily deal site. It features solely makers and their stories. Now, this is something I can get behind. See, we make everything from scratch. We source raw materials from the best manufacturers here in the USA and transform those materials into packaged party goods here in our studio. We are makers, a team of them!

So, hop on over to The Grommet and hear more about The Flair Exchange, what we do and why we do it. Oh, and while you’re there buy yourself something special to spruce up your holiday décor!

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