Flair From The Weekend – A Flower Bed Update

purslane and succulents

Now that it’s warmed up and we’re making plans for entertaining more ( you know the good ‘ol backyard BBQ and game of horseshoes ) it’s the perfect time to take a few minutes and spruce up your entry way or outdoor entertaining space. Even if you live in an apartment you can make your doorway special for welcoming guests. If you don’t have a green thumb try adding a pot of succulents – they don’t require much attention and do well in spaces that don’t necessarily get a ton of light. They also make great indoor plants and bring a bit of life to your space without the hefty cost of a bouquet of flowers. We like to place succulents around the house, in places like the guest rooms, offices and water closets.

We spruced up flower beds with some purslane ( that’s the pretty pink flower in the image I took ) because the blooms are so vibrant! These also grow like crazy and make the ideal hanging arrangement. Just picture these hanging on your patio! Don’t worry, if you aren’t into pink ( what?!? who doesn’t love pink, but seriously ) purslane is available in a wide variety of colors including yellow and coral.

We’re looking forward to having guests over now that we’ve cleaned up our outdoor entertaining space, how about you. What kinds of plants do you like adding to your outdoor spaces? Do you have a green thumb or do you steer clear of the plant department?

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