Floral Covered Seed Packet Party Favors



Spring is full of so much energy and life, the world around us is just pulsing with cheer. So it’s no surprise that spring comes with a deluge of parties. Bridal showers, engagement parties, baby showers, house warming, bbq : you name it, it’s happening in spring. We’ve been combing through our freebies from the past and felt like we needed a few more party favor ideas. Minimal is best when it comes to party favors because they are often thrown away. Enter the seed packet party favor!

Now Cherrios recently felt some heat while they were promoting the seed planting. If you want to go down that rabbit hole, you can find it here. So, lets just say to choose your seeds wisely.

Now! Back to the DIY.

Floral Covered Seed Packet Party Favors

Supplies : 

Printed seed packet printable, scissors, glue dots


Instructions : 

Step 1 : trim seed packet template and fold along lines

Step 2 : using glue dots seal sides and bottom of seed packet

Step 3 : insert flower seeds

Step 4 : gift to guests!



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