Football viewing party

Last year I had the great opportunity to host a USF viewing party at my home.  I’m not a grad of USF, but my soon to be husband (Eeeek!) is.  We enjoy attending the games and tailgating prior to the game, however this game was out of town and there was no way we would miss all the fun that ensues.

Football Viewing Party

USF Tailagte


I of course put my rainbow of tissue paper to good use and created the majority of the decor.  I made a petite pom garland in the infamous green and gold!


 USF party decor

I’m not a huge fan of sweets so I tried to keep an even balance between savory and sweet items. Kori from Paper and Pigtails created the snack cup printable for me.

USF green snack cup

USf tailgate

usf tailgate


For the real food, I looked to my handy crock pot.  We dined on slow cooked barbeque sandwiches.  A self serve warm sandwich is ideal when guests are preoccupied with first downs and the leader-board.


usf tailgate

usf bulls banner


USF tailgate

usf tailgate


Collegiate Yarn Covered Letter Tutorial COMING SOON!


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