Free Popcorn Box Printable and DIY



Did you watch the Academy Awards last night? I caught just a few minutes; a bite of the fashion and craziness that ensues. It was just enough to see The Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman grab a few awards while popcorn and bubbly was served. Those two are a match made in heaven, trust! Which brings me to today’s blog post; we’re sharing a printable popcorn box that is versatile and appropriate for any event where you are serving popcorn. Simply follow the instructions below and you’ll see how easy it is to put these together. Oh and filling them with things like candy, nuts or confetti is totally appropriate!

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Okay okay, let’s get back to today’s DIY!

Free Popcorn Box Printable and DIY


Printed Popcorn Boxes, Scissors, Hot Glue Gun


Printed copies of popcorn boxes on white or colored card stock. We chose an ivory and metallic gold!

Trim popcorn boxes according to solid gray lines.

Fold popcorn boxes along the dashed lines and glue tabs in place.

Line boxes with wax paper to make them food safe!


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