Free Valentine’s Printable

I know I’m a little early with all of this love stuff. But, Valentine’s Day is awesome! Its an excuse to eat yummy chocolate and do something fun with your loves, whether friends or spouses. Plus there is lots of pink. And everyone LOVES pink right?!?

I held a little LOVE themed brunch for fun and to snap a few gorgeous images. The set up was simple but included this fun little LOVE print. This print fits on an 8.5 x 11 piece of card stock, but is centered to be cut down if needed. If you loved the NYE printable, you’ll really love this one.


I chose to create this print using gray and fuchsia. I didn’t want to go overboard with the pink, although I almost did. I think you’ll understand when I can finally reveal the table-scape pictures. I wanted to emphasize the gray aspects, so that is was gender friendly. Not that men wouldn’t enjoy the pinkness, I just wanted a fun little twist. So, I crafted these fun geometrical buntings. (Tutorial on that later) I chose to back my print with color coordinated card stock.

Free Valentines Printable


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