Free Watercolor Drink Umbrellas


You know those little drink umbrellas you get in tropical cocktails like Mai Tais and Pina Coladas!?! You know how tacky they are ( we secretly love them, shhh. )!?!

Well, we’ve made it our mission to fix that. We’ve taken the idea of a neon hued drink umbrella and turned it into something class that you’d want to serve to your guests. We knew we needed to partner with our friend Kori Clark on this project, because her watercolor illustration are the best. We asked Kori to dream up some fun summer patterns that you could use for your July 4th festive and beyond, I mean how awesome is that coral!?! Follow the steps outlined below and you’ll be party ready in minutes!

Free Watercolor Drink Umbrellas


Watercolor umbrellas printed on heavyweight yardstick, beverage sticks / mini skewers, scissors, hot glue gun


Step 1 – Trim out printed umbrella shapes, being sure to trim white wedge from shapes.

Step 2 – From umbrella shapes by placing thing line of glue on one side of trimmed off wedge and adhere opposite side

Step 3 – Place small dot of hot glue at the center underside of umbrella and hold beverage stick in place until glue drys.

* View the full step by step instructions in our previous post here.



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