French Sandwiches, A Picnic Style Recipe


Now that summer is in full force ( rumor is kids and college students alike are out for SUMMER! ), it’s time to start hosting parties on the lawn at sunset; aka the most romantic picnic ever. When I think about picnic style foods; my mind immediately goes to Paris, maybe it’s because there are so many gorgeous places to sit and enjoy a baguette and a hunk of cheese or maybe it’s the romanticism. Who knows. Nonetheless this french style sandwich is a must make for your picnic style parties.

French Sandwiches, A Picnic Style Recipe

Ingredients: French Baguette, Gruyere Cheese, Deli Ham, Sweet Gherkins, Tarragon, Dijon Mustard, Butter and freshly cracked pepper


1. In a small mixing bow combine 1 tablespoon butter, 3 tablespoons Dijon mustard, 6 chopped gherkins, chopped tarragon and a pinch of pepper.

2. Slice baguette in half lengthwise and spread Dijon mixture on both halves.

3. Layer ham and Gruyere Cheese on one halve of the loaf and then top with other half of baguette.

4. Cut loaf down into individual size sandwiches and wrap with parchment squares.



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