Geometric and Colorful Modern Easter Centerpiece DIY

Hello My Sweet here with an idea for a Modern Easter Centerpiece DIY.

The inspiration for this project was twofold. While browsing the aisles at Dollar Tree to see what was new for spring and Easter we happened upon some faceted plastic Easter eggs. Oooo sparkly! Not only did they catch my eye as they were, but we immediately thought of something else we could do with them. We had recently seen this modern art piece and bookmarked it to reference back to later. So why not create a Modern Easter Centerpiece DIY using the faceted eggs and a similar base construction? Genius. Geometric and colorful designs are so popular right now, and we really wanted to incorporate that into a truly unique idea for the Easter holiday.

For this Modern Easter Centerpiece DIY you will need:

  • ⅜ ” Wooden Dowels
  • Wooden Skewers (the cheap bamboo kind)
  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Spray Paint in your desired colors
  • Spray Primer
  • Masking Tape
  • Drill with a ⅜ ” bit
  • Hand Saw
  • Fine Grit Sandpaper

View the pictorial then look below for detailed step by step instructions.

Modern Easter Centerpiece DIY

Step One and Two: Choose your eggs. We choose the faceted version because we really wanted that geometric element that is super modern. Break the eggs open and place a square of masking tape on the bottom of the eggs both inside and out, centered.

Step Three:  With your drill set to one of the lowest speeds, carefully and slowly drill into the center of the bottom of the eggs to create a hole for the eggs to slide down onto the dowels. Take extra care to be centered and vertical, as a slanted hole will result in your egg resting diagonally on its dowel. Remove the masking tape once this step is complete and reassemble the eggs.

Step Four: Place your wooden skewers into the ground outdoors where you wouldn’t mind if your grass or dirt were spray painted for a little while. Place your eggs on top of the skewers. (Also you are going to want to make sure it isn’t below 50 degrees outside, spray paint doesn’t like cold weather) Spray paint the eggs as uniformly as possible using your white primer. Balancing them on the skewers was the simplest way we found to make sure we could access the entire egg with the paint without having to touch it. Allow your eggs to stay on the skewers outside in the sun to dry, then paint again with your colored spray paints.

Step Five: While your eggs are drying, you can assemble your centerpiece base. Start by selecting a rectangular piece of wood for the base, marking off where you want your dowels to sit, and carefully drill your holes using the ⅜” bit. A few things to notate here: Do not drill completely through the wood, make sure your bit is perfectly vertical and you are drilling straight. Use your sandpaper to smooth the wood and prep it for spray painting. Using your handsaw, cut your wooden dowels into varying lengths, then sand them as well.

Step Six: Once you have your pieces cut and ready for paint, place your dowels into the holes pre-drilled onto the base. Give the entire assembled piece a coat of spray primer and let dry. Then remove the dowels and paint your base piece again in the color you desire. We made our dowels primer white and the base a light tan, but leaving it all white is also a nice option. Allow everything to dry properly before handling.

Step Seven: Reassemble your base piece, arranging your wooden dowels as desired. Then carefully slide an egg onto each dowel. You now have your very own Modern Easter Centerpiece.

We hope you enjoyed our tutorial and we would love to see how yours came out as well.
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