Geometric Coffee Cup Wrap Tutorial


Have you ever just wanted an iced coffee but were too lazy to make one from scratch or drive all the way to a starbucks!?! Yeah, me too. I’ve found a solution for this dilemma, but we’ll get to that in a minute. First I want to talk about these beverage wraps that are going to up your brunch game.

Our summers are usually full of tubing and beach trips that start mighty early in the day and we’ve got to provide beverage and food provisions for our guests; otherwise we’ll turn into some version of a hangry commercial in route to our good times. AND plain ‘ol solo cups just won’t cut it, but I don’t want to serve the iced coffee in fancy glassware, well, because we want to get out of the house quickly so we can get our fun on. My solution is this: wrap basic solo cups with printed beverage sleeves. They only take a minute & still allow my guests to take the coffee to go. Follow the steps below.


Here’s the deal with the iced coffee dilemma. What do you serve early in the AM to all of your gal pals!?! Besides mimosas  ( duh! ) iced coffee, of course! And international delight has come to your rescue friends. You can buy a jug of their pre-flavored, pre-sweetned ice coffee ( rumor is they are coming out with a chai latte too ). What I like most about this is that you can serve it straight up, or lighten it up by adding some black coffee to it. International Delight has partnered with us in sponsoring this post ( ps that link will get you some great deals ).

Geometric Coffee Cup Wrap Tutorial

Supplies: Printed patterns ( on plain printer paper or sticky paper ), scissors, scrap booking glue tape, small clear solo cups and pre-made iced coffee

Instructions :

Step 1 : Trim out coffee wraps

Step 2: Apply 4 strips of glue to coffee wraps

Step 3: Press firmly to cup

Step 4: Fill with iced coffee and serve


This conversation is sponsored by International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.

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