Getting great deals on crafting supplies online

I’ve had a lot of people ask me where I purchase supplies, packaging materials etc. So, I thought I’d share a few places I find great deals that help keep this little website running.


Lets talk packaging, I Love Paper Mart.  Paper Mart offers pretty packaging materials, boxes, ribbon and even some crafting supplies.  Just be aware that Paper Mart sells in bulk, thus allowing you to snag that great deal.

I also find more unique items at Bags and Bows. They offer items in smaller quantities, so if you aren’t wanting 1,000 of something. They be the place to start!


Crafting supplies can get really pricey! I love fancy ribbon, twine, cute tape and so much more! I try to keep a good eye out on Pick your Plum as they routinely offer washi tape at a fabulous deal.

If you haven’t used Top Hatter yet, you’ll be excited to join their program now.  They are offering a ten dollar credit to anyone who registers to shop.  Top Hatter is similar to ebay, but all of the items sold are specifically crafting related.  The user interface is similar to an auction house and pretty fun to use!



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