Giant Arrow Garland DIY


We’ve been busily prepping for our next color launch ( insert our team squealing with excitement! ), but we wanted to squeeze in just a few more DIYs before the summer turns to fall. Gals there are still lots of summer parties to be had! As always we’re keeping this DIY color coordinated, so you’ll find that it perfectly matches the ‘boardwalk‘ color way. You of course don’t have to use our boardwalk products alongside this giant arrow garland, but you know that it’d make your party more fun if ya did. And you know what else this would be great for?!? Dorm rooms! Yep, this adds a lot of punch without a lot of dollars from your piggy bank ( your roomies will be jealous! ).

Giant Arrow Garland DIY

Supplies: Printed arrows on a sturdy white card-stock, scissors, a standard 1/4 inch hold punch, twine


Step 1: Print 2-3 copies of each arrow file: Pink & Yellow Blue & Green

Step 2: Using scissors trim out each arrow

Step 3: Using hole punch, punch two holes at the tops of each arrow ( there are white circles for placement )

Step 4: String each arrow on to twine and hang it up!


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