Happy 1 Year – The Flair Exchange

Today marks 1 year of The Flair Exchange.

This past year has been exciting, terrifying and moving.

One year ago I left a full time job and decided to make The Flair Exchange my career. Over these past 12 months, I’ve grown as a business and a person. I honestly wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I partially expected this venture to fail, but I should have known better. I should have known that I would work harder, longer and smarter. Owning a business ( a for real business ) has forced me to take risks and those that know me well, know I do not like risks or questions. I like certainty and answers. I’ve taken financial risks by making this my primary source of income and I’ve taken emotional risks by putting my heart into every piece of flair that goes out the door. These baby steps in vulnerability have allowed for so much growth!

1st quarter sales reflect a 240% growth – like whoa

page-views have seen a 350% growth since website launch – holy mackerel

my self confidence has seen  a 1,000,000% growth – big smile

This of course would not be possible without the support I have found in family, friends and the online community. I am feeling so very thankful for every single person I’ve worked with, communicated to and asked to like social media pages. If I could hug each one of you I would. I’m eager to return the love and support to others starting on a course so similar to mine.

As if this sappy reflection wasn’t enough, I’m also thrilled to announce the 2013 team of contributors!  Please give a warm welcome to this lovely team of ladies who will be sharing DIY tutorials each month.


jessica sarah


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