How to dye bamboo skewers


I know there are tutorials available that discuss dying bamboo skewers with food coloring, but wanted to expand a little bit because I felt these tutorials were lacking a few tips and tricks for getting great color from dyeing bamboo skewers. Follow the steps below to learn how to dye bamboo skewers.

Dyeing Bamboo Skewers

1. Use a shallow dish – place bamboo skewers in bottom of dish making sure no skewers are overlapping one another.

2. Use gel food coloring – (it seems to yield better results when mixed with water) drop approximately 20 drops of food coloring in measuring cup and add 1 cup HOT water. * this is very important.

3. Pour water and food coloring mixture over bamboo skewers – set measuring cup on top of skewers to ensure they stay submerged. Let soak for 5 hours.

4. Using rubber gloves remove bamboo skewers and allow to dry on several layers of paper towels.


These add the perfect amount of flair to your table décor! Normal party foods won’t be boring with neutral colored skewers anymore. If you’d like to try your hand at another DIY treat stick tutorial using washi tape, check this one out.

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