How To Host A Cookie Exchange Party


It’s that time of year where you’ll likely be hosting & attending cookie parties so we wanted to help you plan or attend this year’s cookie party with style and ease. We’ve collaborated with our gal pal, Valerie from Lily & Val ( pssstt we’ll be hosting a giveaway over on Instagram later this week, so make sure you’re following us both! ) for this fun little shindig.

How To Host A Cookie Exchange Party


Printed Cookie Tent Cards

Serve-ware; make sure you have a plate for each cookie/guest that is attending. Each cookie style will need to be plated on it’s own individual plate.

Take home boxes filled with parchment paper and twine

Ornaments, festive prints and garlands for embellishing the table



Step 1: hang a garland or two behind a table

Step 2: Place a framed art print like this from Lily & Val against the wall

Step 3: Set out empty plates for cookies that guests will bring

Step 4: Place blank tent cards in front of each cookie plate + keep a pen close by.

Step 4: Sprinkle a few ornaments throughout the table

Step 5: sample cookies & enjoy everyone’s company!



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