How To Host A Couples Wine Tasting Party

We’re always eager to share a new twist on a traditional events or holidays with you all, and this week we’ve got something the wine lovers will be thrilled about!

wine tasting party

Having a couples Valentine’s Day Party is a great way to make the day about friendships & romantic relationships, plus it gives the lady and gents a chance to catch up! Having your coupled friends over for a wine tasting party is made easy with these printable ‘tasting notes‘. We’ll be covering a few great budget friendly wines tomorrow, but today we’re showing you how to prep for the actual tasting.

As you probably know, wine ‘tasting’ can become very pretentious. And, that’s not the way we throw parties. These ‘tasting notes’ cards don’t require you to write down any real notes, or have any wine knowledge. You simply color in the hearts according to how much you liked the wine. Simple! Wines will get a rating of 1-5 hearts & at the end of the evening you’ll know which one you loved the most ( sometimes they all get 5s & that’s okay! ). Guests can then take these cards home and use them as a reference the next time they are looking to buy a bottle of wine.

Valentine’s Reds & Whites Printable




wine tasting party




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