How To Make A Donut Cake Tower


There are few instances when adult sleepovers are acceptable, and bachelorette parties are definitely one of them! Nobody likes to wake up from a night full of celebrating the bride to be only to discover there is NO coffee and NO breakfast. And if we’re being honest, who wants to actually cook breakfast after a slumber party!!! So, we’ve come up with a game plan that’ll keep everyone happy the morning after. Plus, this donut cake tower would be great for any kind of brunch! Or just a Saturday when you want to spice things up a bit.

We’ve partnered with our friends, International Delight for this tutorial.

How To Make A Donut Tower Cake


Super cute cake stand, 3 bags of mini donuts ( about 60 mini donuts ) and parchment paper.


To being making your donut tower cake, you’ll want to trim down a piece of parchment paper so that it fits on your cake stand.

Begin forming the tower by placing donuts in a circle pattern to fill the parchment paper. Continue adding layers of donuts gradually making them smaller and smaller in size until you’ve formed your tower!

Pour some iced coffee, cause it’s hot right now! And enjoy with friends.




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