How To Make A Fringe Photo-Booth Backdrop

There are so many parties in the foreseeable future! The Kentucky Derby, Cinco De Mayo, Graduation Parties and so many showers ( so many showers! ). It’s no new trend to designate a phtobooth area for guests to document the grand ‘ole time that they’re having. But how do you create a Photo Booth backdrop that’ll get all of the gram’s attention? We’ll show you how!

This fringe Photo Booth backdrop is super easy. You’ll need 4 of our Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Kits. We selected the ‘Fiesta’ Color-way, because we’ve got a mega crush on in right now. You’ll also need a flat, blank wall ( thank goodness for your minimalistic outlook on life ).

We love using props! You can find some of our favorites here, here and here.

Okay, so let’s get started with this DIY fringe photo-booth backdrop, shall we!?!


How To Make A Fringe Photo-Booth Backdrop

Supplies :

4 Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Kits, Tape, Scissors.

Instructions :

Step 1 : Remove Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Kits from packaging and cut in half .

Step 2 : Separate fringe pieces according to color.

Step 3 : Tape Fringe pieces ( *starting at the bottom of the wall, working your way up ) to the wall.

Step 4 : Voila! You’re ready to party.





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