How To Make Your Mardi Gras Party Rock With A DIY Mask Bar

DIY Mask Bar

No Mardi Gras party would be complete without a decorate your own mask bar!

This might just be my best ideas yet. We’ve hosted many Mardi Gras shindigs in the past and some guests come in full costume while others, not so much. By setting up a decorate your own mask bar, your guests will have no excuse for failing to don a mask this year. Interactive bars are great for guests and you, the hostess. While the ones I’ve chatted about in the past have been based on food or drink the possibilities don’t stop there.

This set up is easy to re-create and if you’re a crafty lady, you likely have these items laying around your home. The base of the mask is made from felt.  I’ve found that felt masks are much more comfortable than ones made of card stock, however if you don’t have any sheets of felt laying around – card stock will do! Download our template here, print & trace the shapes onto felt for cutting or cut directly from card stock.

DIY Mask Bar

Ideas for what to set out for the embellishments :

Mardi Gras beads, gemstones, studs, glitter twine, yarn, feathers, ribbon, markers for drawing.

Be sure to have plenty of scissors and glue guns on hand too.


DIY Mask Bar










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