How to organize your craft room

How to organize your craft room. Keeping an organized craft room is essential for keeping the creative process flowing! I like using labeled boxes and clear jars. I tend to keep the pretty things in jars and the not so pretty things in the boxes. The good thing about keeping the ugly thing in boxes is that I don’t have to stare at packing tape, shipping boxes or adhesives while I craft. The down side is that the boxes must be labeled or I can’t find what I need and it defeats the purpose of organization, right! You know the feeling when you are sure that craft supply is in one of those boxes and you end up going through every single box before you find the item you were looking for! I usually use scrap paper as labels, but have recently discovered these gorgeous household labels. Cute right?

Organize your craft room

organize your craft room



By keeping things labeled and easy to access I feel as though I’m able to craft better! Often times if my space is cluttered or unorganized my mind feels cluttered and unorganized, thus resulting in creative block. Not fun! Have you every experienced craft block? How do you keep your craft space organized and pretty at the same time?





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