How to Plan a Ladies Coffee Date


Is it just me, or did this week fly bye really fast? We had a lot of super exciting things going on this week – we introduced the lovely French Gourmet Macarons book, along with a spectacular giveaway. Have you entered?


We also talked about how to plan a ladies coffee date. I’m sure you’ll agree, sometimes you just need a minute to sit down and chat with your girlfriends. Whether it’s good news or bad, there is nothing quite like a little coffee and sweets. Easily set up an impromptu coffee date with this DIY Vanilla Spice Coffee Creamer. If you’re like me, you don’t keep the store bought stuff around. I’d be too tempted to use it everyday and well, those calories can add up. So, instead of buying some, make your own. It’s way better than the store bought stuff too! Make your girlfriends feel special by setting up a little place setting for them. These cutie kraft envelopes hold biscotti perfectly! Lastly make a treat for your guests to enjoy. This cardamon struesel cake is perfect to kick off fall with!


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