How to Plan a Vintage Glam Halloween Party

Vintage Glam Halloween Party

Halloween is creeping up real fast & I couldn’t be more excited!

Whether you’ll be throwing a big shindig for your friends or just trick or treating with you little ones, I’ve got a few ideas that will make your Halloween just a tad more fun! If you’re planning on dressing up at all try crafting our black and orange harlequin mask. I love this because it’s feminine & comfy (plus it sparkles). If you find yourself less enthused to dress up – you can take the glitter to treat bags. Try stenciling Halloween themed words & glittering just one edge of the letter. These miniature treat bags also help with portion sizing – no endless candy bowl in sight. Your girlfriends will thank you for this!  Lastly if you’re just not into the candy thing ( I admit, I’m more of a savory gal myself ), try these miniature boxes filled with confetti instead of an edible treat. Now, I realize some people don’t like confetti because it can be messy. To avoid this kind of glitter disaster, I recommend choosing a chunkier confetti. Oh, and I almost forgot. To add a little bit of vintage glam flair to your household decor, make these vintage postcard blocks. This craft is an easy one that your kiddos can help with, or in my situation maybe your canine child can help.


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