How to Stock a Bar Cart

how to stock a bar cart




How to Stock a Bar Cart

You know I couldn’t share a bar cart DIY without a post laying out the essentials for stocking it! Knowing how to stock a bar cart is priceless. Keep a wide variety of liquors and mixers so that guests preferences are always accounted for.

I prefer to keep a vodka, tequila and scotch on hand. Most guests can agree upon a mixed drink make with one of the clear options and I keep scotch on hand for the boys who want something strong on ice. I like to stock a variety of juices and soda water so that I can easily mix up something sweet. Champagne is also a must have. I love the miniature POP bottles – it’s nice to just open a single serve portion. While I’ve listed the champagne as a bar cart essential these guys stay chilled in the fridge.

You’ll also want to make sure you’ve got all of your essential bar tools. A good wine key and wine stopper are a must! There is nothing worse than trying to open a bottle of wine with a poor wine key and feeling embarrassed when you can’t get the job done. I’m also smitten with great swizzle sticks – these double as muddling spoons too. These would be great for making our Peaches and Cream Spritzer, since you have to muddle the peaches! You’ll want to keep an ice bucket and shaker readily available too.

Aside from the liquor, mixers and tools, I like to keep fancy glassware and flowers on the top shelf. By adding an organic element, the bar cart feels more natural and part of your home.

How do you stock your bar cart?


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