Kraft Paper Snack Cup DIY – { video }

This snack cup DIY is one I’ve adapted from the September issue of Food Network. While they used this for veggies, I thought it’d be a great way to hold biscotti and double as a place card for my guests seats. This little place setting uses some disposable items, which I normally discourage. I chose to use a few paper products because I imagine this impromptu coffee date occurring in the middle of the day and while the kids are away – and the last thing you want is to add to your laundry pile by using linens. The perfect solution happens to be gorgeously printed paper napkins. These napkins come in the perfect shape and fold to be draped over your guests small plate. So when the ladies are saying goodbye, you just toss these in the can.


You’ll also notice that I chose to use the french press – and so should you! Coffee in a french press just tastes so much better. It takes a little more time, but it is really worth it!

snack cup diy

Snack Cup DIY

You’ll need kraft butcher paper cut into 8 inch squares. Follow the folding technique displayed in the video to create the super cute snack cups! Alternatively you could use parchment paper or something that is lined. I’ve even seen printed sheets of parchment paper at the craft store!


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