Magnolia Place Card DIY

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One of the things I love most about summer in the South is the abundance of magnolia flowers blossoming on their trees. The flowers are so grande and their white petals have such a pearly white color. As I was driving through the magnolia-adorned entrance of my neighborhood the other day, I wondered about how lovely the flowers would look at a table setting.

I have seen examples of people using magnolia leaves as escort or place cards, but decided that I wanted to use an entire magnolia bloom as the place card. I adore how magnificent the single flower with gold hand lettering looks as a place card for a tea party! Don’t live in an area with magnolias? No worries! Any white or light colored flower would look equally beautiful.

Magnolia Place Card DIY

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Magnolia blossoms (for as many guests as you will have at your gathering)

Liquid Leaf in Classic Gold (I used Plaid brand, which can be found at numerous craft stores)

A thin paintbrush

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Note: You will want to begin this process shortly before your gathering to ensure that your flowers stay as fresh and white as possible. Keep your flowers in water, with the stems cut on a diagonal, if you have cut them in advance.

Step 1: Shake the container of liquid leaf until it is a solid gold color. Dip your paintbrush gently into the liquid leaf, so as to only slightly coat the paintbrush, and begin lettering your guest’s name onto the bottom petal of your magnolia flower.

Magnolia Place Card DIY 3

Step 2: Continue lettering until you have completed the entire name, and repeat until you have finished a place card for each guest. Place your flowers next to the tea cups, and enjoy! It’s as simple as that.

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