Making the right decision

I have spent a lot of time thinking about Pom Flair and the direction it is currently going, where I’d like for it to go and the changes that may occur.  I wonder; do business owners ever get comfortable with the current state of their business?  I am constantly thinking about how my current products may be improved, reworked or even omitted.   I have to be honest with myself, poms will not always be the must have for party decor.  So, what happens then?  The obvious solution is to introduce new equally fabulous handmade products. My current business name just won’t keep up with the trends.  Why oh why did I choose Pom Flair when I opened my first Etsy shop? I honestly had no idea I would discover such joy and passion molding tissue paper into pieces of flair.

So Pom Flair will be getting a huge makeover.  Things that will change: name, logo, website, blog, etsy shop, etc.  What won’t change is the quality handcrafted products you have come to love.  This brand revision will benefit customrs and fans by opening the door to new innovative products, DIY tutorials, inspirations and a familiar place to share flair.  I’ve come to this decision after much deliberation.  I’ve seen re-branding work and fail.  I know its a huge risk, but feel it is necessary to see my business and brand expand.

I trust that each of you will enjoy this refinement process along with me.


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