Monogrammed Glass Bottle Place Cards DIY

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Oh how I love the spring. I love the playful colors and spending long afternoons with friends and family. One of my favorite ways to combine the two is hosting lunch parties! You can get very creative and personal when hosting such parties, and I wanted to come up with a DIY that would make the guests of the party feel extra appreciated. And what better way to do so than monogramming their drink glasses and doubling them as place cards?

This DIY is not only personal, but it is inexpensive and is something that your guests can take home with them after your party. You can alter this DIY to fit the color palette of your party, and can have fun with the monograms. Use various fonts, include their entire monogram, or even use Mr. and Mrs. stickers for a wedding. The possibilities are endless!

DIY Bottle Place Cards Supplies

Monogrammed Glass Bottle Place Cards DIY


Glass bottle- you can recycle a Starbucks Frappuccino glass* like I did, or use a regular glass bottle

Spray paint in your choice of color

Painter’s tape



*If you use a Starbucks glass, peel off the stickers and scrub the glass with soap and a sponge to remove the glue.

DIY Bottle Place Cards with Sticker

Step 1: Place a sticker of your guest’s first initial in the center of your glass jar.

DIY Bottle Place Cards with Tape1

DIY Bottle Place Cards with Tape2

Step 2: Place the painter’s tape around the rim of your glass.

Step 3: Take your glasses outside and spray with a gentle coat of spray paint. Repeat for each glass, and let dry.

DIY Bottle Place Cards

Step 4: Once dry, peel both the sticker and painter’s tape off of your glass.

DIY Bottle Place Cards Ribbon

Step 5: Cut a 10 inch piece of ribbon.

DIY Bottle Place Cards Pink and Bow

Step 6: Tie ribbon into a bow around the rim of your glass, and cut off any excess ribbon.

DIY Bottle Place Cards and Flowers

DIY Bottle Place Cards Table Setting

Step 7: Add a fun striped straw and your favorite drink, place the monogrammed glass in front of your respective guest’s seat, and have a lovely time!

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