Movie Night Tips and Inspiration

Hello The Flair Exchange readers! I’m Carrie from A Sweet Spot: Home and I’m really excited to be sharing my first contributor post with all of you!

If you ask kids what their favorite time of year is, many would most likely reply summer.  As a mom, I love it too, but I also know that my kids quickly begin to miss their friends and become restless for something to do.  Throwing  a little party gives them something to look forward to, and gives them an opportunity to spend time with their friends.  I love the idea of a “Movie Night” party, because it can be as simple or as elaborate as you care to make it.  Here’s some inspiration and tips for throwing your own “Movie Night” party!

Tip #1: Pick one or two aspects of your party to focus on, and do them up big! We’d all love to throw a party where no detail is overlooked, but we’d need months and months of planning in order to pull this off.  Instead, pick one or two ideas you have for your party and try and cover all the details.  In my inspiration board, I’m emphasizing a hot dog bar and a popcorn bar.  Make these both look visually appealing as well as tasty, and your guests will instantly be impressed, and may not notice the little details that may have been overlooked this time.

Tip #2: Splurge on the fancy beverages! Beverages can get really pricey, really quickly and oftentimes you end up with no drinks at the end of the night and a bunch of kids running around with sugar highs, or tons of beverages leftover that will provide your kids with sugar highs for weeks to come.  Neither of these options are particularly desirable, so I say splurge on the fun bottles of soda, but only buy enough for each child to have one! The cute bottles will add something special to your decor, the kids will think drinking from them is the best thing ever, and after they’ve finished their soda, they can have a more healthy option if they’re still thirsty.

Tip #3: Make Party Popcorn before the party starts! No movie night party is complete without popcorn and candy, but some parents may not want their kids being stuffed with all that junk food so close to bedtime.  I suggest making Party Popcorn before the party starts.  Simply pop your popcorn, allow it to cool, and mix in candies that your kids will love…keeping in mind any food allergies that your guests may have.  It’s best to keep the flavors fairly neutral so it will be a crowd pleaser.  I suggest M&M’s, licorice bites, or nonpareils.  By mixing this up beforehand, you control the amount of candy each child will be eating, rather than watching them dive into a huge bowl of M&M’s!

I hope these tips and inspiration board will inspire you to have your own movie night party this summer…either with the kids, or a bunch of grown up friends, because everyone loves a good movie!

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