Oktoberfest- Pom Flair style

I recently hosted an Oktoberfest party, which is just about the best excuse to throw a party. This party was pure fun: we encouraged our guests to dress in Bavarian attire, lederhosen for the gentlemen, and Dirndls for the ladies.

tassel chandelier

oktoberfest pomettes


oktoberfest cake

Oktoberfest table

This party was a little challenging for decor as my internet searches for inspiration were not fruitful.  This was certainly a blessing in disguise, all elements of this party are original.

I chose to hang a hand crafted tissue tassel chandelier  over the bar to create dramatic visual stimulation as soon as our guests entered our home.

I am in love with using chalkboard paint and really wanted to utilize some with this party.  I hand painted the wooden letters that read Bier Garten with a blue chalkboard paint and then used chalk to create a hand drawn Bavarian print.

In efforts to keep this Oktoberfest party genuine our guests enjoyed black forest cupcakes topped with excellent fondant Bavarian style pretzels created by the lovely Mili’s Sweets.  The cake is a traditional bee sting cake. This Bavarian style cake incorporates honey, thus named a ‘bee sting’ cake.  I hand crafted the tissue paper rosette picks.

The backdrop for our main table was simple with blue stripes and a few pomettes.

Our guests enjoyed a variety of Bavarian foods.  Michelle from Intrigue Design created these custom sandwich wraps.  She created two versions of the  wraps, one for beef Reubens and one for veggie Reubens, as I have several friends who are vegetarian.  I was so pleased with the way these turned out!

Our guests were given a beer bread kit as they departed our event.  Melissa of Truly Chic Inspirations created these custom tags.  Melissa printed this design just for me!

Vendor Credits-

Cupcake toppers- Mili’s Sweets

Sandwich wrapper- Intrigue Design Studio

Gift tags- Truly Chic Inspirations

Photography- DT Creative Studios

Bavarian Flag- Mr. Dunderbaks


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