Our Must Have Poolside Bevvies For The Summer

Must Have Poolside Bevvies For The Summer

It’s officially pool season and we’re not wasting anytime getting our poolside parties on!

For the sake of safety, poolside bevvies need to be aluminum or plastic ( we wouldn’t want any party fouls, to ruin any fancy glassware or heaven forbid a barefoot cleanup ).  We did a little research this weekend, poolside of course! And came up with our top 4 poolside bevvies packaged in aluminum cans. There is something for every lady in your life, even the ones that don’t care for brews and gluten free gals.

Must Have Poolside Bevvies For The Summer

1. Mikkeller Keeper – It’d be a lie if we said we picked this up for anything other than the packaging. After-all summers are for new love and the modern peachy couple just tugged at our hearts. But seriously, this American Pilsner is light and a tad hoppy, making it easily drinkable and a great pick for craft brew newbies.

2. Founders All Day IPA – A still light beer, but a tad richer in the hop category. This is great choice for the gals who know their way around a few beers or the male spouses whom might tag along.

3. Woodchuck Hard Cider – Quite a few ladies are refraining from beer because of the gluten or wheat that naturally comes with a beer. This is a great fall back and something the mixed cocktail drinkers will enjoy. It’s reliable, and we like that.

4. Cigar City Jai Alai – For the gal who likes to be adventurous ( you know, the one that cannon balls into the pool instead of tip toeing their way down the steps ). We’re partial to this because it’s a local brewery, but it’s really great. This brew is full on hoppy, but still poolside worthy.


Must Have Poolside Bevvies For The Summer

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