Paint Your Own Ornaments

Hi there, Heather here from Hello My Sweet with a quick and easy DIY to show you how to paint your own ornaments.

Sometimes it is the simplest solution that never occurs to us. Luckily I have Jason, because he is the king of thinking outside of the crafting box. He excels at taking an object and making it into either something else or something looking very different. Today’s DIY aims to show you how to paint your own ornaments and make them into the latter, something that looks different from it’s original form, and is completely custom. For this particular DIY, we were aiming for Christmas tree ornaments that matched the theme of our Festive Flamingo party decorations. You would not believe how hard it is to find pink glass ball ornaments here locally. So hard in fact, we couldn’t find any. Instead we bought what we could find, white ornaments. We live in a pretty small town where our only shopping options are Wal-mart, K-Mart, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Joann Fabrics and Dollar Tree. Jason is very resourceful however, and most of the time he still manages to find what he is looking for. However when he doesn’t, we end up with a DIY project such as paint your own ornaments.

For this project you will need:

  • Wooden Dowels
  • Glass or Shatterproof Plastic Ornaments
  • Spray Paint in your desired color
  • Painter’s Tape or Stickers (optional for creating patterns)

Step-by-step pictorial shown first, then see below it for the directions that follow.

A DIY guide to paint your own ornaments for Christmas decorating.
Step One: Remove the ornament tops/hangers carefully and set them aside.

Step Two: Place your wooden dowels into the ground outdoor where you wouldn’t mind if your grass or dirt were spray painted for a little while. Place your ornaments upside down on top of the dowels. (Also you are going to want to make sure it isn’t below 50 degrees outside, spray paint doesn’t like cold weather)

Step Three: (Optional: Place your tape or your stickers onto the ornaments in whatever pattern you desire, this will hide the original color during painting and reveal a pattern or image afterwards once the paint is dry and you remove it.) Spray paint the ornaments as uniformly as possible. Balancing them on the dowels was the simplest way we found to make sure we could access the entire ornament with the paint without having to touch it. Allow your ornaments to stay on the dowels outside in the sun to dry for at least an hour before removing them.

Step Four: Replacing the ornament hangers. (Optional: If you chose to mask off a pattern with tape or stickers, carefully remove this at this time.)

Step Five: Decorate! Use your newly customized ornaments on your tree, on a wreath or on your garland and reveal your spray painting resourcefulness!

For more DIY projects like painting your own ornaments or to see more images from our Festive Flamingo party please visit us at Hello My Sweet.  Thanks for having us today Carmen!

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