Paper Basketball Garland


It’s Natalie from Katarina’s Paperie stopping by today with this creative and simple paper basketball garland that is sure to add a festive touch to any basketball party.  With the NCAA basketball championship right around the corner, it’s time to decorate for your basketball celebrations.  The best part about the championship is that spans two weeks of basketball fun.  So, you can leave your decorations up through the final game!

Although I usually avoid sewing like the plague, I found making the circle garland one of the easiest projects that I’ve ever attempted on the sewing machine.  It’s just a matter of slowly feeding the circles into the machine.  I will definitely be creating more garlands in the future.

For a four foot garland, you will need:

Orange Cardstock

3 Inch Circle Punch

Black Marker


Extra 3 inch circles for template

Sewing Machine

White or Orange Thread


1.  Punch out 3 inch circles from orange cardstock.  You will need about 24 circles to make a four foot garland.


2.  Pull about 4 to 5 inches of thread from the sewing machine for easy hanging.  If desired, use a matching orange thread to hide your stitches better.  You will create your lines over the thread, though, so you can also use white if it’s more convenient.  Adjust the stitch to a fine straight stitch.  Feed your first circle, slowly stitching through the center of the circle.

3.  Continue feeding circles through the machine.  Be sure to leave about an inch distance between each circle.  When finished, pull another 4 to 5 inches of thread to hang and cut.


4.  Make the lines for your basketball.  Using a black marker, draw a line down the center of the basketball.


Trace the edge of the extra 3 inch circle to make the round lines on each side.  Add lines to each of the circles.  We found that the circles liked to flip when hanging, so we recommend adding lines to the backs of the circles too.


Hang your garland along a mantel, drape around a chandelier or even along the edges of your entertainment unit.  It’s such a great way to add some basketball fun to your NCAA tournament viewing.  Go Team!


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