Printable Baby Bingo


Gals, I honestly thought this day would never come. We’re sharing something baby related!!! One of our best gal pals is expecting her first bebe, so we’ve joined some of our favorite bloggers, designer and shop owners to host an ‘online baby shower’.  You’ll want to hop on over to the other blog posts that we’ve linked up to at the bottom of this post.



Now, let’s get to the actual bingo game!

Printable Baby Bingo


Printed Cards ( 1 – 23 – 45 – 67- 89 – 1011 – 12 )


Bingo Markers – like jelly beans



Trim cards using scissors

Trim out square from #11 & #12. These will go in the hat to be drawn during the bingo game.

Pass out cards & jelly beans

Add trimmed squares to a hat, bowl or bag to play! To play this bingo game, one person will need to be in charge and pull the squares and call them out. As each icon is pulled, players will place a marker over the icons that are called. Once 5 icons in a row are marked, the play will shout ‘BABY’. Have a few fun prizes on hand to give to the winners!


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