Printable Bingo For This Weekend’s Infamous Commercials


Last year I heard a rumor about the term ‘Super Bowl’ being trademarked ( which is true and not the rumor we’re about to get to ). The rumor was, that there was going to be a major crack down on people, businesses and institutions using the trademarked term ‘Super Bowl’. We know all about trademarks ( ahem.. The Flair Exchange® is a registered trademark and Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Kit™ is trademarked as well ), so when it came time to title this post we chose to insinuate which game we’re talking about. Okay okay, let’s get to the party game. Oh and if you need a last minute garland to match your favorite team, grab a custom Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Kit here and select an expedited shipping method at check out.

Printable Bingo For The Big Game’s Commercials


Printed Bingo Cards – aren’t they cute & mini! 





Print bingo cards – there’s enough for 6 players and you can always double up if you need to. That’ll just mean you might have two winners!

Trim out cards

Supply your party guests with one card and a sharpie. Watch the commercials intently and mark off squares as you see the corresponding commercials air. Once someone gets 5 in a row, they’re the winner. Prizes are optional, but make the game a little more competitive!


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