Punk Inspired Studded Bunting – DIY

Studded Bunting

I’m always looking for fun twists on traditional party themes & this is a perfect example of that.

Instead of hosting a typical spooky Halloween party, why not do something different. Host a goth/punk party & craft this leather studded garland as décor. These studs are surprisingly easy to use and add such great depth to an otherwise simple pennant flag. I purchased a yard of this faux leather from my local fabric store and cut pennants from the bolt. The great thing about starting with a yard of fabric is that you can cut your bunting in to any shape you’d like. You could do a scallop, a ribbon or strips.

Punk Inspired Studded Bunting

Step 1 : Gather supplies, leather pennants, studs, black yarn or ribbon, needle nose pliers & hole punch.

Step 2: Using hole punch, create holes at the top corners of your pennants. This is where you’ll thread twine or ribbon for hanging.

Step 3: Press studs through fabric across the top of each pennant. * I learned after the first one you should start with the first stud in the center a work outwards for even spacing.

Step 4: Using needle nose pliers, press down the tabs on the back side of the studs securing them to your fabric.

Step 5: Add a line of studs to each pennant.

step 6: String pennants on ribbon or twine.


[one_half] step1


step5 [/one_half]

[one_half_last] step2


studed-garland [/one_half_last]

Studded Bunting

Studded Bunting

Studded Bunting

Studded Bunting

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