Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape DIY

Thanksgiving Tablescape DIY

I had the opportunity to take a skill share course on tablescapes. This course is simple & very concise. I learned that setting up a gorgeous tablescape is kind of like cooking, there are a list of ingredients & a step by step guideline to follow. But, you can add your own twists in to the mix making it suit your personal tastes.

Please know this post is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Skillshare. All opinions & fab ideas are all my own!

Part of this course was to set up a table scape using the information you learned. Fortunately for me, I was able to set up a Thanksgiving mock-up before the big day!

Thanksgiving Tablescape DIY

One of the best tips I grabbed from this course, is to put all of your plates/flatware/decor etc on a ‘prop table’. This helps you see the entire color story at once!

Thanksgiving Tablescape DIY

Follow along with me as I build my Thanksgiving tablescape.  Since my table is square I wanted to make sure every item I put on the table served a purpose and would be used in some fashion. There just wasn’t much room to work with!


My blank slate, a square table in my breakfast nook.


I knew I wanted to use non-traditional colors & this scarf my mother in law gave me was the perfect table runner!


Next, I added silver chargers. These acted as a little bit of bling and a nice layer for the individual place settings.


Next comes the dinner plates. Truthfully, I own only one set of dinner plates and no fancy china. It just didn’t make sense to have multiple sets up plates when we moved in to our home. So they are white, which I think works well with this darker color set.


Linens are added to the dinner plates, I chose a dark navy linen.


On top of the linens I added a salad plate & flatware. Since this will be an informal event, I just layered the flatware over the salad plate to act as a final layer in the place setting. I know it’s not the ‘proper’ way, but I’ve learned in this class that you can sometimes break the flatware rules! I’ve also chosen purple glassware & a customized name tag swizzle stick for each guest.

Thanksgiving Tablescape DIY

At the center of the table I included three things and three things only. Like I mentioned above this table is square and doesn’t provide a ton of room for decor, botanicals etc.  The purple hibiscus arrangement is actually from my backyard! I love clipping flowers from my gardens to use in arrangements. I placed a nice loaf of bread on a dark platter at the center, this is visually appealing and practical. No one wants to get up in the middle of dinner to grab more bread, and let’s be honest we all grab an extra slice of bread on Thanksgiving. Lastly I added a modern carafe of wine. This follows the same justification as the bread, no one wants to get up for more wine and well yeah.

Thanksgiving Tablescape DIY

Thanksgiving Tablescape DIY

Thanksgiving Tablescape DIY

The Skill Share Fashion & Style classes include several other home styling courses. I’m already signed up to take another one!



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