Spooky Halloween Treat Bag DIY

Halloween Treat Bag DIY

Halloween candy is often just handed out as miniatures and I’m not complaining, but why not switch up your treats this year?

Instead of keeping a bowl of miniatures on your end table, try assembling these treat bags full of a seasonal candy corn mix. These decorated glassine bags make the perfect portioned treat & your guests will thank you for that! I could also see the glittered bags being used to house a savory snack too – chex mix or popcorn? I used a letter stencil to create my lettering, but if you’ve got superb penmanship you could definitely free hand this!

Glittered Spooky Halloween Treat Bag DIY

Step 1: Gather Supplies. Glassine bags, permanent marker, stencil, glue and glitter.

Step 2: Using the stencil trace letters starting left to right.

Step 3: Continue tracing until you’ve spelled out your saying.

Step 4: Line edges of letters with glue.

Step 5: Sprinkle glitter on glue.

Step 6: Shake off excess glitter back into container.



step5 [/one_half]

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Halloween Treat Bag DIY

Halloween Treat Bag DIY



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