Strawberry And Dark Chocolate Pie Pops


This is Natalie from Katarina’s Paperie.  I’m sharing a sweet pie recipe with you today – strawberry dark chocolate pie pops!  This simple treat is sure to be a hit at your upcoming strawberry themed celebration.

Ever since I watched Food Network Star last year, I’ve been fascinated by the growing pie culture.  I used to think of pies reserved for summer afternoons and Thanksgiving.  But there is a growing trend to serve them as dessert right along side and sometimes even in place of cakes, cookies and other delicious treats.

The first hand pie that I ever made was this caramel apple hand pie.  I loved holding the flaky warm pie crust in my hands.  The best part was that it was also portable.  I could pack them on a picnic by the river or guests could munch as they visited together.

As a fan of mini pies, I decided to create these decadent strawberry dark chocolate pie pops.  They are so simple to make and the perfect dessert for any strawberry themed party.  No cake pop sticks around?  Simply skip the stick and transform into a hand pie instead.  Your guests are sure to love them either way!

You Will Need:

Refrigerated Pie Crust

1/4 cup of Strawberry Jam

Dark Chocolate Morsels

1 Egg

3 Inch Circle Cookie Cutter

Cake Pop Sticks

1.  Preheat the oven to 425 degrees or the temperature on your pie crust baking directions.  Unroll the pie crust.  (If you are really good at making pie crust, you can make some from scratch.  I, admittedly, haven’t tried this yet and find the refrigerated variety easier.  Maybe one day.)


2.  Cut 3 inch circles from the crust.  You will need two circles for each pie pop.  One 9 inch pie crust yields enough circles for 6 pie pops.


3.  Spoon a dollop of strawberry jam in the center of the circle.   Add three dark chocolate morsels.


4.  Press down the cake pop stick into the bottom pie crust circle.  To help keep the pie on the stick, make sure that the edge of the stick is place at the top of the circle.


5.  Place the second pie crust circle on top.


Use a fork to press the edges of the pie crusts together.

6.  Beat one egg and glaze each pie pop with the egg wash.

7.  Put in the oven and bake for 12 to 15 minutes.  Take out and cool.


Everyone enjoyed these strawberry dark chocolate pie pops.  There was something about the sweet strawberry and more bitter dark chocolate that went well together.  What a fun addition to any strawberry themed party!


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