Tequila Spiked Spa Water

Tequila Spiked Spa Water

Summertime calls for lots of pool and patio lounging with lady friends. If your friends are anything like mine, they enjoy a little cocktail alongside the lounging. If you’re looking for something refreshing – this certainly suits the bill.

This recipe is sponsored by Jose Cuervo.  To make this Spa Water follow the steps below.

Tequila Spiked Spa Water



Silver Tequila, Simple syrup, cucumber, lime and soda water


In a carafe muddle half of a cucumber, lime half ( sliced ) and 1/2 cup simple syrup.

Add 4 oz of Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver, stir and top with soda water.

Pour into individual glassware filled with ice and garnish with cucumber slices and lime wedges.

Tequila Spiked Spa Water

This cocktail uses the flavors you often find in spa water, but spices it up with a splash of tequila. Cucumbers and limes are incredibly refreshing, especially on a hot day when you’re chilling outside. This can be made ahead of time and carried along with you to the beach ( in an acrylic carafe, of course ) or stashed in a cooler for a picnic adventure. Jose Cuervo Tradicional® is 100% blue agave tequila, so there isn’t any added sugars to help along with the fermentation of the booze, this stuff is the real deal!

Jose Cuervo is educating it’s customers via a really fun app that lets you peek in on the history and finesse of their Tequila. You can watch the video below, but make sure you try out the app – it’s so cool!




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