The Flair Exchange is hiring!

Yep, you read the title correctly. The Flair Exchange is hiring. Business is growing and I am simply one person that can’t do everything, even though I try to.

I’m soooo excited to be receiving more orders and gaining pageviews, but with those things comes more work. There are duties that I must hand off to someone else while I tackle the tasks that are more labor intensive and specialized. Good news, these are paid positions.


(1) Virtual Etsy Assistant – this is a contracted position to handle Etsy messages, feedback etc. There are no set hours and you may work from any location that suits your current lifestyle and work schedule.


  • Experience with the Etsy platform
  • Experience in customer service
  • A friendly disposition
  • A love for party-ware


(3) Monthly Blog DIY Contributors – this is a contracted position for a DIY contributor. This position will create simple and easy décor DIYs on a monthly basis. I’m looking for 3 contributors; as a DIY contributor you’ll be responsible for one post a month.


  • Experience publishing on the WordPress platform
  • Experience in photography/photoshop
  • Ability to create unique and simple DIY décor projects (provide tutorials and photographs)
  • Experience using Dropbox
  • A love for party-ware

How to apply

Submit email to theflairexchange(at)gmail.com

Subject line – Application for Contributor or Application for Virtual Assistant

Please include a screenshot of your resume. Please do not send as an attachment!

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