The Flair Room – my creative space and redo inspiration

Back in February Aaron and I relocated to Orlando from Tampa. We moved into a slightly larger living space and upgraded from a townhouse to a REAL home! We’ve been busy getting everything settled inside and outside, man a yard is some work. The once space that has been ignored is my work space – The Flair Room. While it works right now, it isn’t inviting.  I’m not motivated to spend much time in that room. It is slightly organized but needs a lot of help.

I’m also slightly embarrassed to even show you the before pictures, but it is somehow freeing to do so. Eeeek, here it goes.


  The previous home owner left the curtains and I can understand why.

The room is filled with photographs, mementos, business cards and things that are important to me.  I’m looking forward to organizing it all, making things look really good and comfortable.


I plan on keeping the walls the color they are.  While the color isn’t my favorite, it is very neutral and perfect for photographing products against. All of the switch plate covers will be replaced with shiny new ones. I’m planning on reorganizing the closet so it is more functional and adding more organizational space to the room itself.

Bench / Shelving / Canvas / Numbered Bins / Wire Basket / File & Media Bins

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