Watercolor Swizzle Sticks DIY

Watercolor Swizzle Sticks DIY

I’m literally bursting with excitement over here.  Why, do you ask? Thanksgiving is just days away. I enjoy Thanksgiving for many reasons; good food, wine & family. Our families are pretty small, so our Thanksgivings tend to be so too. Even though we don’t have tons of people, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make our tables look fancy. I’m thinking Purple & Navy for this year’s event. They are nice deep hues without being cliche colors.

I still like to put a place card for each guest, it just makes things feel much more personal & intimate. This place card is also a swizzle stick, which works perfectly if you plan on serving one of our cocktails like the Autumn Sangria or the Rosemary infused bevvy.  Even if the glass is just filled with water these make a gorgeous impact.

Watercolor Swizzle Sticks DIY

Step 1: Gather Supplies. Watercolor paper, Watercolor paints, bamboo skewers, hole punches.

Step 2 : Punch rounds of water color paper. I made mine 1 inch in diameter.

Step 3: Using water color paint, paint each guest’s name. Painting is a tad more difficult than writting with a pen. When painting try to pull the brush, not push.

Step 4: Add hole punches at the top & bottom of the round to create holes for the skewers.

Step 5: Insert bamboo skewers & place in glassware.

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Watercolor Swizzle Sticks DIY

Watercolor Swizzle Sticks DIY


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