Wooden Block Vintage Halloween Decoration


Hi, it’s Natalie visiting again from Confetti Diaries. Today, I’m sharing a simple vintage Halloween decoration that’s sure to make your friends and family go wow. Although I love decorating the house for Halloween each year, I find myself constantly in a conundrum. With small children around, I don’t want to go too scary (my daughter thinks even the plastic spiders are scary). At the same time the cutesy pumpkins and smiling ghosts don’t quite appeal to me either.


My solution has been to surround myself with vintage Halloween decorations. From beautiful shades of orange to charming antique owl designs straight from old children’s books, there’s a beauty in this design style that appeals to all ages. These vintage Halloween postcard wood blocks are the perfect way to capture the whimsy of Halloweens past while creating new memories today. They’re a wonderful way to add a vintage Halloween decoration to your mantel, Halloween party or even make a beautiful hostess gift.

You Will Need:
Scraps of Wood
White Acrylic Paint
Black Acrylic Paint
Foam paintbrush
Sand paper
Vintage postcard print outs – resized a little smaller than your block
Decoupage glue


1. Find two scraps of wood. (Tip: Check out your local hardware store and ask for scraps of wood. A lot of time they will give extra pre-cut pieces away for free. They might even cut them for you!)
Cut your wood into 5″ x 7″ inch blocks.

2. Visit the New York Times Library vintage postcard gallery. They have an assortment of scanned digital vintage postcards available for free download in their online gallery. Choose the postcards you want to use. Download the postcards and resize them in a word processing or photo editing program. Print on regular paper.


3. Sand down your wood blocks. Paint the wood block white and let dry. Then, paint the wood block black and let dry.

4. Cut out your postcard prints. Spread decoupage glue on one side of the wood block and the back of the vintage postcard paper. Carefully set into place and smooth out the bubbles. Tip: Don’t worry if some of the color wears on your print out. It helps add to the vintage look.
Add a coat of decoupage glue on top.


5. After the glue has dried, go over the wood block with sand paper.


Sand the sides and back of the block to reveal two tones of paint and give the block a vintage look. You can even add more vintage charm by sanding over the post card area too.


These postcards are the perfect way to add some vintage charm to your Halloween decorations. I hope you have a fabulous holiday. Trick or treat!

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