What once started as an evening hobby and nothing more than an excuse to party with friends, The Flair Exchange has since grown to offer its customers trendy Party Kits and DIY tutorials. Get to know The Flair Exchange & the ladies who keep the show running.

Hi! I’m Sarah, and I am the owner and CPO (Chief Party Officer!) of The Flair Exchange. I took over the business from our lovely founder Carmen in fall of 2018 after working for Carmen and The Flair Exchange since 2011 as a customer care manager and lead production gal. I was so honored to have been a part of the company for so long and to see Carmen grow it exponentially throughout the years; when it came time for her to pass off the reins, it was an easy choice to take over.

I look forward to growing the business even more and providing customers both new and current with just a touch of flair in their lives. I'm bringing back seasonal color releases (check out what's new here) and I’m also going to restock some special favorites we have had over the last few years. If you have any questions for me personally, feel free to contact me here!

The Flair Exchange Team

Giselle Suazo Arriaga - Social Media Expert 
Giselle is a Social Media Manager & Consultant from Austin, Texas. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from The University of Texas at Austin and works as a freelance agent. Giselle's love for social media started the day she got her hands on an iPhone 4 and has grown to be her passion ever since. When she's not working, Giselle can be found swimming, attending a kickboxing class, or hanging out with friends.



Chelsea Houser - TFE Mixologist 

Chelsea hails from Denver, Colorado and is an accomplished chef, pro mixologist and the Regional Director for Zyr Vodka. When she's not whipping up fancy meals or slinging cocktails, she's hanging out with her husband Jon Paul, their cats and their two Great Pyrenees rescue pups!



Carmen Rogge - Founding Director

Carmen is our founding director and legacy member of The Flair Exchange. She started the blog & shop as an evening hobby and an excuse for her to invite her girlfriends over for a glass of wine. After having success selling her items to friends and family, she launched the Etsy store in 2010, and then expanded into a full e-commerce website with over 250 retailers selling in the US and internationally. She made The Flair Exchange the go-to source for perfect party goods and has left such an indelible mark on the company!