Quick Assembly Method

Running short on time and just want to party? Assemble your Tissue Tassel Garland using our Quick Method! This method produces a slightly looser twist at the top of the tassel and a larger loop than our standard method but is much faster and will get you partying in record time.  



1. Lay out one pre-cut tassel sheet flat on a smooth, even surface with the cut ends on each side. 

2. Starting with the end closest to you, quickly gather the tissue with your fingers accordion-style until you reach the end.

3. Holding the tassel by the gathered portion, place your finger (or supplied twisting tool) at the middle of the gathered portion and drape both sides of the tassel down. 

4. Holding firmly but not too tightly, twist your finger or twist the paper until you have 3-4 twists under your finger. Pinch twists to crease in place. 

5. Remove finger and repeat with remaining tassels, stringing on the supplied twine when finished.