How To Make A Rainbow Floral Arrangement


Rainbow Floral Arrangement DIY

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and we’re excited to celebrate it!

Normally these flowers are a little too gaudy for the home, but not during this time of year. In fact these dyed daisies make the perfect rainbow floral arrangement.

We’ve added glided bow ties for a little sparkle. Using metallic gold duct tape follow these steps we use to make our crepe paper bow garland here. Studio DIY also has a tutorial for  mini duct tape bows that would work well too.  You won’t need to use the hot glue when forming the bow because the duct tape has a built in sticky element. Once the bow is completed glue to bamboo skewer and add to your rainbow florals!

Rainbow Floral Arrangement DIY


Pre dyed rainbow florals, gold duct tape & bamboo skewers.


Step 1: Using this bow making technique create your bows using duct tape. Play with widths of the tape to get varied sized bows.

Step 2: Using hot glue, adhere the bow to a bamboo skewer.

Step 3: Arrange rainbow florals and embellish with gilded bows.

Rainbow Floral Arrangement DIY


Rainbow Floral Arrangement DIY

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