How to Plan a Brunch For the Gentlemen

a gentlemen brunch

Again, this week has gone by incredibly fast! Woot and it’s time for the weekend ( don’t tell anyone, but I’ll be doing a little working ).

This week we had a few fabulous DIY & entertaining ideas that are perfectly suited for a brunch the gentlemen can appreciate. There isn’t too much frill – but there are tasty treats & cigar inspired décor. Start by crafting this bow tie garland to adorn your entertaining space. It’s the perfect piece for an empty wall, your mantle or in front of your dessert table. Next, turn a cigar box into a centerpiece flowing with florals. Yes, this is a little feminine, but it’s only one piece and your men will appreciate the fresh vibrant colors these bring to the table. Lastly set up a DIY dessert station. These chocolate ‘cigars’ are a great way to get everyone involved in creating their own dessert. I’m sure you’re familiar with the fondue phenomena – people just love to get their hands in on the action!

Enjoy your weekend, maybe a brunch?


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