Mini Floral Bouquet DIY – Oktoberfest Style

mini floral bouquet DIY

Adding florals to my home is one of my favorite ways to jazz up a space.

This mini floral bouquet DIY is the perfect tutorial for adding florals to your home & saving your pennies. Since these are mini bouquets, you get more bang for your buck. One bunch of flowers from the grocer can easily turn into 3 mini bouquets that are easily spread amongst your living space. Since we’re right in the thick of Oktoberfest, I’m sticking true to the blue theme. The embellishments & colors can be customized for any event, season or celebration. You’ll wan to pick a smaller flower for this project – so think, miniature roses, button poms & mini carnations.

Mini Floral Bouquet DIY

Step 1: Gather supplies: Flowers, Ribbon, Washi Tape & Scissors

Step 2: Removes leaves and trim stems

Step 3: Arrange group of flowers in a bunch with largest flower in the center & begin wrapping tape around bunch to secure.

Step 4: Wrap tape around stems several times until bouquet is secure.

Step 5: Trim stems & embellish with ribbon.

Step 6: Place in pint glass or vase with 1 inch of water.

[one_half]mini floral bouquet DIY


step5 [/one_half]



mini floral bouquet DIY

mini floral bouquet DIY



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